Friday, January 27, 2012

Unethical Breach of Trust

Suki Berry is a talented, beautiful, intelligent young woman.  She has amazing skills.

I love her.  I want to be lucky enough to see her life play out... all of it, long and full.

There are endearments and sentiments I could use to fill this page, but if there were only one thing I could say it would be:  Suki, thank you for being yourself, and for letting me be in your life.

Also, you left your Dashboard open, and apparently I have little or no self control.  I apologize.  Sort of.

Recklessy, affectionately, truly yours,

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Friday, July 29, 2011

Suki's Mouth

My teeth have never quite been straight, and my bite has never been quite right. But on the bright side, it feels like there is a CONSTANT PARTY in my mouth. :O!

Friday, July 1, 2011


This is Maria.
She is a member of the family depicted below. They're the crazy cool cats who have taken me in as a member of their family, since I'm a wandering hobo for the time being. Even the chickens welcomed me! The family is composed of the following:
This is them. Maria is the super duper happyfuntown one in the blue. The one without the chicken. :3 
As I type this, she sits beside me, strumming on my time-traveling banjolele and singing: "ONYANYANYANAYANAYANAYANAYANAYANAYAYAYAAA."
... Yes. Maria is one of my favorite favoritest people ever.

Her knowledge of the arts expands constantly, and she draws inspiration from the finer things in life:

"There's always a fish at the end of the rainbow." She says. Followed by "Happy Birthday!"
... The other day she asked me, "Suki, what if your eyes were made of RATS?"
Yes, Maria... What if..? 
We often play a violent game called "Flower Power", in which different flowers picked from the garden grant us mutant abilities, and we slash our invisible space-pirates enemies to bits with our RAZOR BODY SPIKES.

...Maria is also great fun at parties.
(That's her brother, Alex. He has a morphsuit now.)

Here is a compilation of some of her deep thoughts, expressed through Paint:
"There's glue oozing out of the heart... Because she likes him."

"Suki was never good at making pizza."

This is Gertrude. She's a beautiful woman who exists in all our dreams.

"Yes Maria. We are the greatest buds."